New York Lead, Mold and Asbestos Removal Professionals.

Getting the project done right.

Poetntial mold - Understanding of loaction.

Asbestos shingles - In a professional, timely manner.

Lead based paint - Eliminating hazards in accordance.

Soil clean up - Rsponding to petrolium and chemical spills.

Fire restoration - Identifying all hidden damages.

Flood damage - State of the art drying and dehumidifying.

Oil Tank Removal - Permits, removal and installation.

Tear down - Ensuring a safe, effective, and economical solution.

Restoring - Rebuilding facilities back to pre-loss condition.

Environmental News - around the company and the industry.

NY Restoration - related companies.



USG can respond to emergencies and rapidly confine most hazardous and life threatening situations. We can supply the support necessary to properly manage your environmental concerns. We ensure that every aspect of each project, from planning to completion, is carefully evaluated and executed.

Unitech is a full service

environmental contracting

and consulting firm.

Environmental & Restoration Solutions

Untech Services Group is a Suffolk County, Long Island based company. Its staff of highly experienced professionals has successfully completed many environmental remediation projects. The company has rendered services for school districts, government agencies, environmental consultants, real estate management, private corporations and homeowners.

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